SACHA JÍ, which means “Beloved Mountain”, is a space for you to come in contact with nature,
the Andean culture, art, architecture, and most importantly yourself.


Sacha Ji Wellness Hotel and Retreat

Located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes, Sacha Ji is a 100% sustainable, luxury wellness sanctuary. Sacha Ji’s unique combination of scenic magnificence, personalized service, beautiful accommodations, delicious, fresh and healthy Ecuadorian gastronomy, along with an array of wellness, natural and cultural activities and experiences allow for much more than your usual tour or even special vacation.

It is a physical, mental and spiritual organic escape where body, mind and soul are not only pampered and well taken care of, but also warmly guided on a holistic journey where one can disconnect from the day-to-day and reconnect with what is really most important: one’s own self.

We are located 97.6 km. north of Quito, and minutes away from Otavalo, known for its famous indigenous textile and craft markets, musicians and colorful festivals.

“A Place Like No Other!  If the rest of the world were to crumble, Sacha Ji would still stand as a haven of peace, a power spot to reconnect you with your soul & your health. Food beyond organic, service more than impeccable.”

Kaline Caroline Khalsa Bertrand Los Angeles,California , 2014




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I strongly recommend you take the time to visit Sacha Ji.  The lodge in-it-self,  facilities, architecture /design and overall concept is something very different to what I have seen here in Ecuador.” LUXURY ADVENTURES, General Manager  

Greg Harris

Sacha Ji is an amazing retreat and vibration for health and healing. Ph.D.-SuperHealth, Director

Mukta Kaur Khalsa

Sacha Ji does exactly that, inspires respect and love of the unique Andean landscape, of the lake at the foot of the towering volcano. It is a fantastic vision of the Andean alley. Biologist

Manuel Pallares

Your jaw drops when you see the beauty of this place. Uruguayan Chef

Clo Dimet

Thanks to THE ONE,  for the gift of undescribable beauty of this place Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer, Chile  

Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa


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