10 reasons to choose My SachaJi for wellness and healing

My SachaJi is the natural choice for wellness. We’re nestled into the Ecuadorian Andes, a mountain range that possesses special qualities for both physical and spiritual healing: the altitude, the proximity to the equator and sun, and the connection to the natural world and Indigenous community are all unique to the eco-lodge. Our wellness spa is a space to find balance, relaxation, energy and to re-learn how to breathe. Our range of experiences, from yoga and meditation to detoxing and relaxing massages are all against the stunning backdrop of volcanos and San Pablo Lake.

Here are 10 reasons why My SachaJi is the wellness retreat for you:

  1. We’re easy to reach! At My SachaJi you can get away from reality in just a four-hour flight from Miami, and then a one-and- a-half- hour drive from Quito airport. There are also regular flights to Quito from Los Angeles, New York, and Amsterdam and Madrid in Europe.
  2. The altitude supercharges your healing: at 2,960 metres above sea level you will improve your heart and circulation, boosting the number of young, red blood cells; enhance metabolism; ease pains; increase your quality of sleep and improve your outlook on life.
  3. The site itself has an almost supernatural energy, and from the moment you arrive at My SachaJi you will notice the incredible vibration. Pre-Columbians said that some higher power is present where a volcano and a lake meet, and Ecuadorians believe that Imbabura is the most powerful volcano of them all.
  4. My SachaJi is on an incredible energy point: not only is it on the equatorial line, it’s one of the closest places to the sun on earth, harnessing the four elements to promote equilibrium. What’s more, some say that the core of the Earth’s energies resides here in the Ecuadorian Andes, having moved from the Himalayas with the Age of Aquarius.
  5. At My SachaJi, we call on the wisdom and healing powers of the local Indigenous community and Pachamama, Mother Earth of the Andean world. Mama Rosa, an expert in traditional medicine and wellness from the nearby community of Angla who learned the ancient techniques from her grandmother, works to restore your balance with specially chosen herbs, plants, lotions and incense.
  6. We truly understand and care about your healing. Whatever you want to work on, we’d climb mountains to help you through it. We add extra touches: after your Let Go & Connect massage treatment, we sit with you in front of the incredible view with an individually chosen herbal tea to help you make sense of your experience.
  7. Our approach to wellness is complete and holistic. My SachaJi offers a wide range of wellness experiences: yoga within the eco lodge or on ancient sacred pyramids, hot tub with a view, massages and treatments for relaxation, de-stressing, energising and balancing and even walks accompanied by our rescue dogs.
  8. My SachaJi is a truly sustainable space in Ecuador and designed for balance. We use recycled materials in our constructions, renewable energy, and grow our own organic fruit and vegetables. As well as your own wellness, you’ll be caring for the world around you and helping to preserve it for generations to come.
  9. The Indian market town of Otavalo, lakes, pyramids, volcanos and historic haciendas are on our doorstep. My SachaJi is the ideal springboard for adventure: trekking, horse-back riding, mountain-biking and water sports are in abundance around the lakes and volcanos of the Imbabura region.
  10. Explore incredible Ecuador before or after relaxing in My SachaJi: the Galápagos Islands, colonial Quito, and the stunning wildlife of the Amazon rainforest are within easy reach.
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