Holistic Dining Experience

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Otavalo Ecuador Dinning Vulcano View
Otavalo Ecuador Organic Food

A Unique Dining Experience

Holistic cuisine

Natural food simply tastes better…

Inspired by our incredible range of local ingredients, Andean traditions and holistic wellness philosophy , our signature cuisine aims not only to feed, but also to nourish the mind, body and soul.

Our natural focus uses many ingredients from our own organic vegetable garden and orchard – the rest come from local providers chosen for their sustainability practices and high quality.

We invite you to try balanced, Andean-fusion fine dining that leaves you feeling light and energised, aware that what you put into your body – and where it comes from – truly matters. We know that the better it tastes, the better you’ll feel.

All of this comes served with the option to eat inside in the cosy dining room with a 180° view of several volcanoes and the glittering San Pablo Lake, or outside on the terrace.

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For guests not spending the night, advance reservations are required.

Ecuadorian variety

In a radius of 300km we can source products from at least three ecosystems: cloud forest (coffee, honey and chocolate), coast (papaya, shrimp, banana) and the Andes (grains, berries).

Chocolate and coffee

The tropical climate and tremendous biodiversity here suite coffee and cacao down to the ground, meaning that Ecuador is blessed with the finest organic beans around.


Less than 300 km from Otavalo are the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, where some of the world’s finest seafood come from, including sustainably-fished shrimp.


The super-food of the moment high in fibre and protein, quinoa has long been a traditional grain in the Andes and a staple of the local diet.


It is said that Ecuador has some 1,000 traditional soups, ranging from light with fish and yucca to hearty with beans and vegetables: all steaming with health!


With exotic-sounding names like golden berry and soursop, Ecuador’s choice of fruit takes in almost every colour, shape and size imaginable, grown everywhere from the ocean to the Andes.

Our chef

Teas and juices

Our dining experience goes beyond the menu. Our staff gladly put together teas from herbs freshly picked from the garden, specific to your needs. You might even learn something knew about traditional medicine: rosemary tea for a headache, anyone?

And who said that juices were only for fruit? At My SachaJi we use the organic vegetables and herbs from our own garden and the local area to make vibrantly coloured, delicious juices, perfect to detox, energise, and boost your immune system. Beetroot, spinach, ginger and kale have never tasted so good!

From garden to table

Grown with love

Our Organic Garden and Orchard

Get to know, and love, our organic orchard as an aesthetically thrilling experience, as well as a sustainable source of produce.

The exuberant patch fulfils our garden-to-table philosophy, and allows you to witness life and growth in its most colourful form, as you wander through the meandering paths, inhaling the earthy scents.

These are the very vegetables, fruits and herbs that are served to you at every meal: no farms, no factories, and certainly no chemicals.

Medicinal herbs grow among the vegetables and fruit trees in this one-of-a-kind garden, and our staff can explain what ailments they can treat, and make healing herbal teas.

Strolling between the guest rooms and main house, take in the colours and flowers of our gardens, where local birds and bees come to feed.