The Story Behind My SachaJi


How a ‘feeling’ became a pioneering eco-lodge

When Maria Teresa Ponce first stood on the grounds that we now know as My SachaJi, there was nothing but a windswept, scrubby hillside looking onto the Imbabura volcano and San Pablo Lake.

Her father had a farmhouse in nearby Cusin, and Maria Teresa had grown up horseback-riding around the mysterious lakes, forests, and hillsides of the area and felt a natural affinity with it. An architect and real estate developer, her father encouraged her to choose some land in the 1990s that he would buy on her behalf.

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10 reasons to choose My SachaJi for wellness and healing


My SachaJi is the natural choice for wellness. We’re nestled into the Ecuadorian Andes, a mountain range that possesses special qualities for both physical and spiritual healing: the altitude, the proximity to the equator and sun, and the connection to the natural world and Indigenous community are all unique to the eco-lodge. Our wellness spa is a space to find balance, relaxation, energy and to re-learn how to breathe. Our range of experiences, from yoga and meditation to detoxing and relaxing massages are all against the stunning backdrop of volcanos and San Pablo Lake.

Read more: 10 reasons to choose My SachaJi for wellness and healing

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