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Where we are?Mere kilometres north of the equatorial line, the Imbabura region is imbued with a strong indigenous culture, taking form in spirituality, traditions and bonds with the earth, as well as hosting a renowned artisanal market in the town of Otavalo.

My SachaJi is the perfect springboard to discover the Andean highlands and its treasures. We can help you arrange trips to indigenous craft and food markets; crater lakes; Cotacachi, a town famed for its leather; historic haciendas; Quito Old Town, and the Middle of the World.

Join the award-winning Tren Ecuador for a fun and historical train journey delving into some of the country’s most intriguing landscapes and communities.

Meanwhile Imbabura is a great base for adventure, from hiking up the Imbabura Volcano, rock climbing and water skiing on the lake, to horseback riding and mountain biking.

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