Dining in My SachaJi is about intimacy and flavour.

Delicious buffet breakfast (free for overnight guests), lunch and dinner are served in our cosy bar, dining room, or outdoor patio, looking onto the magnificent volcano.

Before sitting down to eat, take a stroll through our exuberant organic vegetable garden and orchard – many of our ingredients like zucchini, squash and beetroot are grown right there before our chef expertly turns them into gourmet works of art.

Our dishes are vibrant and hearty, with the soups, fresh fish and quinoa of traditional Andean gastronomy.

But our dining experience goes beyond the menu. Our staff gladly put together teas from herbs freshly picked from the garden, specific to your needs. You might even learn something knew about traditional medicine: rosemary tea for a headache, anyone?

We also offer natural herbal teas from our orchard that can benefit your digestive system, help you sleep better or boost your energy.


Dietary restrictions can be catered for, it is recommended to inform in advance.


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