From garden to table

Get to know, and love, our organic orchard as an aesthetically thrilling experience, as well as a sustainable source of produce.

The exuberant patch fulfils our garden-to-table philosophy, and allows you to witness life and growth in its most colourful form, as you wander through the meandering paths, inhaling the earthy scents.

Medicinal herbs grow among the vegetables and fruit trees, and our staff can explain what ailments they can treat, and make healing herbal teas.

Strolling between the guest rooms and main house, take in the colours and flowers of our gardens, where local birds and bees come to feed.

"I have always been interested in Inca architecture and the round forms that developed in Ecuadorian territory. The organic vegetable and fruit garden was designed using five circles, which in numerology refer to the body. Five is also the number used in the proportion of a Doric column.” Interview with Maria Teresa Ponce, by Architect Ana María Durán, CLAVE magazine



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