Six ways that we strive to stay in harmony with our surroundings


  • We grow our own organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs in our garden and orchard, served fresh each day in our restaurant
  • We used 2,000 recycled tires in our architecture for thermal and seismic insulation
  • Green roofs help us to blend into our surroundings, and to reduce CO2 emissions. They also make the ideal spot to lie back in a hammock and contemplate the view…
  • Where we can, we use renewable energy and have solar panels installed above the rooms
  • Our heating methods are energy efficient, using a system of wood-burning chimneys to warm rooms
  • Water for showers come from collected rainwater and waterfalls and is heated by the sun


“My SachaJi is a pioneer of sustainable architecture in Ecuador.” Interview with María Teresa Ponce, by Ana María Durán, architect, researcher, educator and writer, Harvard Graduate

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