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Balance through the 4 Elements

“Shangri-La means paradise for the people in Himalaya. Here you can find your Shangri-La in the Andes.” TravelR_Berlin, January 2016

My SachaJi is different kind of wellness spa where it’s not just the experiences, but the incredible natural energy of the surroundings near Otavalo that bring about a transformation within.

We combine the wisdom and intuition of Andean healing therapies with yoga classes, meditation sessions and massage treatments, for the most holistic and complete approach to your wellness.

Our unique wellness spa programs are designed to re-establish your equilibrium, to reconnect you with yourself and nature, and to unburden yourself of physical and mental ailments, recharging your energy amid the beauty and vitality of the Andes of Ecuador.

Yoga and/or meditation experience are not necessary.

“The treatments delve into your very core to refresh, revive and grow yourself from the inside to out. I strongly recommend the Illapu Wellness program: unfortunately I arrived at SachaJi quite rundown (from the Inca trail and a bout of food poisoning) however the guidance and therapy provided a complete restoration to 100% recovery; in fact I left feeling better than I could remember EVER feeling). I literally could feel how less energised I was upon leaving and not practicing the kundalini yoga in the morning.” Jaki Walsh, October 2016

Wellness Program KILLARI (3d/2n)

Killari, Light of the Moon. Open your heart and allow the Pachamama to imbue you with everything you need to find your natural flow and balance. Detox your mind and body, to start afresh and recharge yourself with a new kind of energy.

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Wellness Program ILLAPU (5d/4n)

ILLAPU, God of Thunder , open your heart and receive from the Pachamama (Mother Earth) all that you need to flow and find balance. Connect to your vital energy and expand your aura to protect and project form your inner- self.

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