Wellness Program ILLAPU (5d/4n)

ILLAPU, God of Thunder , open your heart and receive from the Pachamama (Mother Earth) all that you need to flow and find balance. Connect to your vital energy and expand your aura to protect and project form your inner- self.


DAY 1 - Channel the energy of the Andes and feel the first tingles of transformation

  • Afternoon arrival
  • Welcome reviving coca leaf tea
  • Guided stroll around the grounds, with folk legends to bring the stunning surroundings to life
  • Channel the healing powers of the Andes in an ancient energy-balancing ceremony with Mama Rosa, an expert in traditional medicine
  • Dinner

DAY 2 - Seek balance and unburden yourself for a fresh start

  • Yoga and guided meditation to find equilibrium within and connection to the heart
  • Breakfast with delicious natural detox juice
  • Let Go & Connect. A treatment designed to channel the universe’s life energy through your body’s chakras
  • Lunch
  • Guided walk towards Cusin Volcano* including an offering to the wind to feel truly connected to the elements and fortified for new challenges. *RECOMMENDED ALTERNATIVE: Channel the intuition of horses to reflect your new emotional state in this alternative therapy promoting self-awareness. $50 additional supplement
  • Sunset in hot tub, plus polar pool for hydrotherapy, watching the colours change with the fading light
  • Dinner
  • Natural herbal tea assembled especially for you from our garden, huddled around the crackling bonfire

DAY 3 - Find your warrior within

  • Yoga and guided meditation for banishing stress and fear
  • Breakfast
  • Restore & Detox. Therapy for emotional liberation releasing tensions built up in muscles to clear the path for self-healing
  • Lunch
  • Guided Meditation
  • Dinner

DAY 4 - Fortify yourself and show the world your true self

  • Breakfast with Energizing natural fruit juice
  • Guided Mediation for the Aura at Sacred Pyramids of Cochasqui
  • Picnic Lunch at Pyramids
  • Sunset in Hot Tub overlooking the Lake and Polar Pool
  • Dinner

DIA 5 - Conquer the World

  • Yoga and guided meditation to reclaim life-giving energy and release stress and tensions
  • Breakfast
  • Reiki massage to renew acceptance, resilience and vitality
  • Give an offering to the wind to send your positive thoughts to the world



  • $858 per person in double room (rate for 6 pax or more), plus taxes

  • ​$903 per person in double room (rate for 4 pax), plus taxes

  • $981 per person in double room (rate for 2 pax), plus taxes

SINGLE: $1.389 per person, plus taxes.

  • 10% service charge and 14% IVA tax are NOT included
  • Rates are RACK RATES


  • All treatments and activites must be reserved in advance and are subject to availibility.
  • All bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours before scheduled time free of charge
  • After hours and last minute booking fees may apply
  • Ask about our local tours, jungle & galapagos extensions

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