There’s an experience or activity for everyone at My SachaJi. Whether you want to revive and discover the surrounding area, give back to and get to know the local community, bring your loved one for a relaxing and romantic break, or bring your yoga friends or colleagues for a group retreat, My SachaJi can tailor the experience to your needs. Explore below the experiences that My SachaJi has to offer.

In and Around My SachaJi

Activities for you and your group


Feel gratitude and deep relaxation washing away tensions in our great hot tub, watching the colours changing over San Pablo Lake at sunset. When used in combination with the adjacent polar plunge pool, the benefits include boosted energy levels, increased circulation, detox, and improvement of the nervous system.


Our staff will lead you on a tour of the grounds, unlocking our secrets: from the sustainable architecture and organic orchard to the natural energy spots. Listen to our local folk legends, passed down through generations, while huddled around the after-dinner bonfire overlooking the majestic volcano Taita Imbabura.


Reinvigorate your body and elevate your spirit with our morning yoga class. The session combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques, filling you with peace and energy for the day ahead. No experience necessary. $20 per class per person.1 hour 15 minutes approx.


Accompanied by our lovely rescued dogs, our knowledgeable staff can lead you on a trek towards the Cusin volcano for a unique view of the lake and valleys. Your guide will bring the surroundings to life with folk legends and facts about the wildlife and history encountered along the way. $20 per person, one hour approx.


Discover the forests, hills and communities surrounding My SachaJi on horseback. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, as you ride around the Imbabura Volcano and San Pablo Lake you’ll connect with nature as never before. $55 per person, 2 hours approx.


This three-hour photography course is perfect for beginners with any type of camera. You will learn how to improve your photographs through different practical exercises, getting to grips with basic camera functions that will help you to produce better technical results. We will look at visual examples to understand technical terms and camera characteristics, compositional components, and aesthetic principles. $95 per person, 3 hours.

Included: 12% TAX, 10% Service Charge
Not Included: Credit card charges, tips or bank transfer fees.


Wellness treatments


This powerful Andean Energy Cleansing ceremony calls on the wisdom and healing powers of native plants with and the Pachamama, the Mother Earth of the Andean world. Mama Rosa, a traditional medicinal plant expert from the nearby indigenous community of Angla, works to restore your balance with specially chosen herbs, plants, lotions, and incense. $45 per person, $35 for groups of over 10 participants, 30 minutes approx.


We’ve designed this individual treatment to dissolve tensions in your body and help your mind enter a state of peace and acceptance. To culminate this harmonious state, the therapist chooses a gourmet organic tea that completes your cycle of healing. $83 per person, 60 mins. $41.50 per person, 30 mins.


An individual treatment designed to channel the universe’s life energy to your being. Our expert therapist will take you on a highly relaxing journey to connect to your deepest emotions. Through the soothing channeling of energy through her hands, she can help you identify your emotional and physical state and aid you to overcome any blockages or problems. To culminate this harmonious state, the therapist chooses a gourmet organic tea that completes your cycle of healing. $87 per person, 60 minutes.


This individual therapy for emotional liberation releases tensions built up in muscles to clear the path for self-healing. With specific essential oils to balance your internal energy and emotions, the massage stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation to leave you clear-headed and invigorated. To culminate this harmonious state, the therapist chooses a gourmet organic tea that completes your cycle of healing. $83 per person, 75 mins.


The Equine Assisted Therapy channels the intuition of horses to reflect your emotional state in this therapy promoting self-awareness. These animals possess a powerful energy that aids confidence, communication and inner understanding. $60 per person, 60 mins.


This profound ancient healing ceremony led by Indigenous locals induces sweating with hot stones to lighten the mind, body and spirit. The Sweat Lodge is a darkened chamber that symbolises the mother’s womb, infused with feminine energy, so that you’ll leave elated, refreshed, and with a sense of rebirth. GROUPS ONLY. $38 per person, minimum 10 participants.

Included: 12% TAX, 10% Service Charge
Not Included: Credit card charges, tips or bank transfer fees.


Otavalo and beyond


Travelling north out of Quito into the province of Imbabura the landscape opens up all around, revealing green valleys, snow-capped volcanos, and glistening lakes.

Delving deeper into Ecuador’s heartlands you encounter a new society who has carved out its own culture in harmony with its surroundings.

My SachaJi is the ideal springboard to explore this world of natural and cultural wonders, its celebrated artisanal crafts and opportunity for light adventure.

Hike to the waterfalls of Peguche, where Indigenous people come from all around to perform rituals of purification, or around Cuicocha, a crater lake at the foot of a volcano. You could discover the sun dial and astrology that create the Andean vision of the cosmos with the Quitsato Project at the Middle of the World, or the mysterious pyramids of Cochasqui.

Buy beautiful, one-of- a-kind leather goods from the tanneries of Cotacachi, or join the award-winning Tren Ecuador for a fun and historical train journey delving into some of the country’s most intriguing landscapes and communities.


Located 15 km from My SachaJi in the heart of Ecuador’s Imbabura region, Otavalo is a unique expression of cultural identity, a melting pot of pre-Columbian Incan and Spanish colonial traditions.

Best known for its weaving, leather workshops and market selling artisanal wears, the town is a treasure trove for exploration and discovery.

Wandering around the looms and market stalls (making sure to pick up beautiful textiles and leather goods) you will encounter the characters – the women in their white blouses, gold necklaces and brightly coloured skirts, and men in elegant trilby hats, white trousers and blue ponchos – and folklore that make this community so special.


Solo Travelers


Those travelling alone have much to gain from My SachaJi. As well as relaxing in the hammocks, visiting Otavalo and all other activities that we offer, we have a range of custom-made wellness packages suitable for solo travellers, for transforming your mind and body. Massages, yoga and meditation classes for all levels, as well as ancestral Andean healing therapies can all be combined in a program that suits you. Take a moment to yourself, for yourself, healing and relaxing in a cosy and safe environment, where the team is here for you and your wellness experience.


Group Retreats


My SachaJi is an accessible and inspiring destination for groups who seek transformation, expanding their horizons in an area of stunning natural beauty and unparalleled connection to the local Indigenous community. Working with your group leader, we can create a program incorporating your own needs alongside our own signature activities. These might include yoga; a group Limpia Andina, an Andean energy-cleansing ceremony with an Indigenous expert in traditional medicine; a sweat lodge guided by local community members; massages for relaxation, detox and invigoration; and volunteering with the community.

  • Located 70km (an hour and a half drive) from Quito’s international airport.
  • Our facilities include a light-filled Yoga Studio, treatment room, hot tub, hammocks, lush gardens and orchard, and sweat lodge.
  • As pioneers in wellness in Ecuador, My SachaJi’s team understands wellness from many angles for groups looking for yoga, meditation, life-coaching and beyond. Our years of practice have given us a deep understanding of the physical and emotional impacts of our energy and life-changing treatments, and we are able to give trustworthy advice for each guest’s experience.
  • We can arrange yoga and meditation sessions in unique and inspiring settings like the Cochasqui ancient pyramids.
  • Dining is another integral element of the holistic experience at My SachaJi and the mainly organic cuisine with local Andean ingredients are designed to be incorporated into – or as an introduction to – a wellness-orientated, sustainable lifestyle.
  • The altitude and its associated health benefits, as well as the powerful energetic properties of our neighbouring volcano and lake are just some of the reasons that make My SachaJi such a great place to visit for wellness. You can learn more about why to visit My SachaJi for wellness here.
  • We can organize trips to visit the local area, and projects that give back to the local Indigenous community.


Corporate Groups


Inspire to create value in your business. Boost creativity and cooperation with your colleagues with a corporate outing or teambuilding exercise at My SachaJi. Working with your group leader, we can create a flexible program incorporating your own requirements alongside our own signature activities that will help the group become a better team, explore leadership techniques and inspire new ways of thinking. These might include hikes, equine therapy focused on team work and leadership, outdoor cooking, or yoga sessions focused on stress management, in a beautiful, private location.

  • Located within a two-hour drive of Quito, the wellness ecolodge can be visited in a daytrip, or during a stay of one or more nights.
  • Our facilities include a light-filled Yoga Studio suitable for group meetings and conferences, treatment room, hot tub, hammocks, lush gardens and orchard.
  • My SachaJi is a place to be inspired, to relax, to have a space to communicate among the team, in an intimate, personal and confidential setting.
  • Delicious dining experience using with mainly organic, local ingredients designed to be incorporated into – or as an introduction to – a wellness-orientated, sustainable lifestyle.
  • Brilliant, discreet service


Romance & Weddings


“Honestly, My Sacha Ji is the most beautiful and relaxing place we’ve ever experienced … We spent four days being pampered and spoiled and just basking in each other. The details are what made our trip and My Sacha Ji itself special.” Lindsay and Meg Cale, United States

With our fabulous views over San Pablo Lake and Imbabura volcano, a tranquil atmosphere, secluded Jacuzzi and massage treatments, My SachaJi is a perfect spot for romantic getaways and couples’ relaxation, be it for proposals, intimate destination weddings, honeymoons, or renewing vows.

We are delighted to offer tailored romantic packages, with exclusive features like couples’ therapies and guided walks, as well as all our other activities.

We can also create a wedding or vow-renewal ceremony which best reflects you and your partner. Whether you opt for a traditional service among your family and friends or create something just for the two of you, My SachaJi is the romantic backdrop that feeds your heart and soul.

Our Romantic Getaway package, perfect for romantic breaks, proposals and honeymoons, includes:

  • Lodging with upgrade with secluded Yaku Suite at no extra charge
  • All meals and beverages, including one private dinner in your suite
  • Chocolate heart on bed
  • Exotic fruit basket in room
  • Sparkling wine bottle
  • Use of outdoor hot tub and polar pool overlooking the lake
  • Guided short walk around grounds at sunset
  • Couples’ therapies and activities

Our intimate wedding package is flexible to your needs, and is ideal for religious or spiritual ceremonies, destination weddings, and renewing vows.

  • Beautiful setting overlooking San Pablo Lake and Imbabura Volcano, surrounded by nature
  • In partnership with Zapote catering, led by top local chef Cristian Puente
  • Guests can choose where on the grounds they wish the ceremony to take place
  • Zapote is able to work with guests to organize concept and style, time tabling, design and printing of invitations, table design and planning, and creation of special menus
  • Zapote can provide online attendance register, logistic and production of ceremony and reception, all food and drinks, music and lighting, professional photography and filming, entertainment, and fireworks
  • Guests can extend their stay for a romantic honeymoon after their special day
    • Other wedding providers and planners are welcome

Find out more about romance at My SachaJi here


Giving Back


Did you know that soil has natural antidepressant qualities? Our volunteer programs, as well as creating positive bonds with the community through a true exchange of ideas and services, bring you closer to earth and help to make you relaxed and happy. Working alongside the women of the Indigenous Angla community on their shared herb garden, volunteers can gain a rare insight into Andean culture and a deeper understanding of medicinal plants and horticulture. As well as the herb garden program, volunteers also have the opportunity to take part in activities with the local day-care centre, helping to improve children’s learning environment and giving them an enriching experience.

Read more about the giving back experience here



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