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Group Retreats

My SachaJi is an accessible and inspiring destination for groups who seek transformation, expanding their horizons in an area of stunning natural beauty and unparalleled connection to the local Indigenous community.

Working with your group leader, we can create a program incorporating your own needs alongside our own signature activities.

These might include yoga; a group Limpia Andina, an Andean energy-cleansing ceremony with an Indigenous expert in traditional medicine; a sweat lodge guided by local community members; massages for relaxation, detox and invigoration; and volunteering with the community.

  • Located 70km (an hour and a half drive) from Quito’s international airport.
  • Our facilities include a light-filled Yoga Studio, treatment room, hot tub, hammocks, lush gardens and orchard, and sweat lodge.
  • As pioneers in wellness in Ecuador, My SachaJi’s team understands wellness from many angles for groups looking for yoga, meditation, life-coaching and beyond. Our years of practice have given us a deep understanding of the physical and emotional impacts of our energy and life-changing treatments, and we are able to give trustworthy advice for each guest’s experience.
  • We can arrange yoga and meditation sessions in unique and inspiring settings like the Cochasqui ancient pyramids.
  • Dining is another integral element of the holistic experience at My SachaJi and the mainly organic cuisine with local Andean ingredients are designed to be incorporated into – or as an introduction to – a wellness-orientated, sustainable lifestyle.
  • The altitude and its associated health benefits, as well as the powerful energetic properties of our neighbouring volcano and lake are just some of the reasons that make My SachaJi such a great place to visit for wellness. You can learn more about why to visit My SachaJi for wellness here.
  • We can organize trips to visit the local area, and projects that give back to the local Indigenous community.

Top tips for organizing your retreat

Arranging a retreat, whether for your yoga group, corporate away day or your dream cultural escape, is simple with My SachaJi, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Read on for advice that will help you get planning.

  • Pick a destination that inspires you, whether it’s the landscape, culture or atmosphere that does it. Of course, we’d love you to choose My SachaJi, but it has to feel right to you, and our Andean ecolodge won’t suit everyone. After that, take into consideration: accessibility (is it easy for participants to get to the retreat?); services (what facilities does the destination offer relevant to your retreat?); climate (is the weather conducive to the purpose of your retreat?); price (does it fit into your and your clients’ budget?); and food (is the destination going to provide suitable meals for participants?)
  • Consider narrowing down your target group: beginners or advanced students, for example, or a certain interest or personality, rather than for all and sundry.
  • Work out a suitable price. This is no easy feat: make it too cheap and you’re selling yourself short, too expensive and you’ll put off potential clients. Follow your intuition, and set a price that you would be happy to pay yourself.
  • Don’t sit back and wait for clients to approach you: get marketing! From word of mouth and posters to a landing page on your website and a social media campaign,
  • it’s up to you to spread the message far and wide and fill up those spaces on your retreat.
  • Be respectful towards potential participants, listening sincerely to their concerns.
    Once they arrive on your retreat take their needs seriously, bearing in mind that each one might require something different from organized sessions and/or downtime.