Start your day with European-style, whole wheat breads

A balancing act: holistic breakfasts at My SachaJi

In the energetic vortex of My SachaJi, it’s essential to begin the day well. When you’re off to climb an Andean peak, practice Kundalini yoga, or heal through ancestral ceremonies, you need to have the right fuel.

What My SachaJi’s chef, Ceci, has come to realise, is that to achieve this, it’s not just what you put into your body to start the day, but how.

Starting with the My SachaJi philosophy that it’s the combination of elements that creates the perfect balance – whether that’s staff coming from different walks of life each adding their own expertise; varied healing techniques and treatments; or ingredients from different food groups each with their own specific benefits–Ceci developed a visionaryholistic breakfast experience for the ecolodge, one that looked at the entire body, person and soul.

Fresh, local ingredients are key, many from the hotel’s organic garden, and the others that she personally sources and visits the farms they come from.

From the outside, the dishes look much like you might expect from a traditional hotel breakfast buffet. But while the typical offering might include eggs from battery farms, instant coffee and sugar-laden juices, Ceci explains, at My SachaJi you’ll find Andean granola and amaranth yoghurt, whole wheat French toast and pancakes, a range of European-style breads and locally-sourced organic coffee.

Each element has been carefully chosen to ensure a fabulousvariety, and that every ingredient will perfectly complement the others to leave you feeling energetic, light and satisfied. And every breakfast time, the staff are there to explain what each and every morsel is bringing to the table.

Milk is an area that sets My SachaJi’s breakfasts apart. Ceci makes her own “milks” from local ingredients, like almonds and quinoa, flavouring them withorganichoney and cacao. The best part? Guests can rarely tell the difference from cow’s milk.

Then there are the colours. Ceci ensures that at breakfast there are at least five, usually in the form of the region’s tropical fruits.

Not only does this add a lovely visual touch, but ensures you’re consuming a broad range of vitamins. Bright yellow babaco, for example, is a source of Vitamin C, while inky blueberries provide a dose of Vitamin K.

They are also blended with herbs from the garden to make 15 different juices, with detoxing, digestive and antidepressant qualities.The key, as always, is finding balance through combinations.

Combining her expertise in creating delicious, holistic breakfastswith the stunning array of local ingredients, Ceci has found the perfect equilibrium.
“That’s why were in the middle of the world – to find balance!” she says.

Good combinations

  • Vegan French toast (with whole grain bread, almond milk and organic honey)
  • Oats with dried fruit
  • Cereals, yoghurt, fresh fruit
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