New healing initiatives at My SachaJi

Here at My SachaJi, we are always working towards deepening our healing experience. The following new initiatives are designed to make your stay more holistic and personalized, surrounded by happy, balanced people, with the opportunity to take something home with you as you continue on your healing journey.

  1. Working with staff towards balance
    My SachaJi is often compared to an embrace, a space that lends itself to healing, and whose personalized treatments help guests to transform their lives. Now, we have extended these therapies to all our staff – from cooks and cleaners to gardeners and managers – giving them the opportunity to lower stress, cope with pressures from work and life and to heal themselves in mind, body and soul. We offer our personnel whatever treatment they most need, which might include talking or energetic therapies, individually or in groups – the latter is great for building teamwork and empathy. Through caring for our staff and leaving them happier and more relaxed, we hope to transmit this sense of healing and balance to each of our guests and to project a message of tranquility and kindness.
  2. Healing guide
    We now have a Wellness Host to explain to each and every guest about the therapies and experiences we offer, and to act as a guide to what My SachaJi can do for them. This personalized interaction goes deeper into our healing and sustainability philosophy, detailing guests about the different aspects of our project, and how they can be part of it. It’s our way to accompany you through your healing process.
  3. Andean Healing Shop
    This intimate space is where you can buy local artisan items with a healing focus. Sourced from artisans from across the region, items might include jewels for protection, seeds and stones aimed at creating ancestral consciousness, and lavender-filled bags for relaxation. There are diaries made from recycled paper, decorated with sacred symmetry, to activate your own symbolic symmetry, with more items soon to follow.
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