We practice what we teach

Architecture & feng shui

One of My SachaJi’s key objectives is to show our guests that it is possible to live in spaces that are both environmentally sensitive and aesthetically pleasing, as well as comfortable and contemporary. Throughout the design and construction process, architect and owner Maria Teresa Ponce focused on creating the least environmental impact possible.

Bricks were made from the earth excavated at the site, used tires below floor slabs were used as thermal and seismic insulation, green roofs were used to reduce CO2 emissions and trap heat inside, a rain re-collection system was created, and for each wooden door, a tree of that same species was planted on site. These are just a few details that make My SachaJi a true homage to nature.

The curved forms in the architecture follow a soothing feng shui principle that states that energy moves in flowing paths. The undulating façades look towards the volcano and lake, and onto the setting sun, bringing warmth into the rooms, and providing a stunning perspective from every angle

My SachaJi Sustainability Hotel Otavalo
My SachaJi main entrance
My SachaJi main entrance
My SachaJi main entrance

Our sustainability promise

We work with nature

How we strive to stay in harmony with our surroundings

  • We grow our own organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs in our garden and orchard, served fresh each day in our restaurant
  • We used 2,000 recycled tires in our architecture for thermal and seismic insulation
  • Green roofs help us to blend into our surroundings, and to reduce CO2 emissions. They also make the ideal spot to lie back in a hammock and contemplate the view…
  • Where we can, we use renewable energy and have solar panels installed above the rooms
  • Our heating methods are energy efficient, using a system of wood-burning chimneys to warm rooms
  • Water for showers come from collected rainwater and waterfalls and is heated by the sun

“My SachaJi is a pioneer of sustainable architecture in Ecuador.”

By Ana María Durán, architect, researcher, educator and writer,
Harvard Graduate


Grown with love

Garden & Orchard

From garden to table

Get to know, and love, our organic orchard as an aesthetically thrilling experience, as well as a sustainable source of produce.

The exuberant patch fulfils our garden-to- table philosophy, and allows you to witness life and growth in its most colourful form, as you wander through the meandering paths, inhaling the earthy scents.

Medicinal herbs grow among the vegetables and fruit trees, and our staff can explain what ailments they can treat, and make healing herbal teas.

Strolling between the guest rooms and main house, take in the colours and flowers of our gardens, where local birds and bees come to feed.

Otavalo Hotel Ordhard Nature

“I have always been interested in Inca architecture and the round forms that developed in Ecuadorian territory. The organic vegetable and fruit garden was designed using five circles, which in numerology refer to the body. Five is also the number used in the proportion of a Doric column.”
Interview with María Teresa Ponce, by Architect Ana María Durán, CLAVE magazine