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Sacha Ji

Facilities & amenities

  • Fireplace or energy-efficient heating system in rooms
  • Black-out curtains
  • Ponchos
  • Water for showers from rainwater & natural springs
  • Solar panels & heating
  • Adaptable yoga room with a capacity of 30 people
  • Private suite

  • Cosy living room
  • Wi-Fi

  • Restaurant

  • Bar

  • Accessible green roofs

  • Outdoor meditation area
  • Organic orchard & herb garden
  • Treatment room
  • Bonfire

  • Laundry service

  • Transportation services

Yoga Studio / Conference Room

Light-filled Yoga room equiped with 30 mats, audio & video equipment and 180 degreee view of the volcano and lake. Sliding Glass windows open the room fully to the exterior patio. Room measures 90m2 and includes 3 bathrooms.

Hot Tub & Polar Pool

Enjoy the sunset our 12 person hot tub, plus polar pool for hydrotherapy, watching the colours change with the fading light.

11 Cosy Rooms

All of Sacha Ji's bedrooms are flexible and can be adapted to:
  • Super spacious room which includes a king size bed and sofa
  • Spacious double room with two twin beds
  • Cosy triple room with two twin beds and a sofa
Fitted with, a fireplace or energy-efficient heating systems, duvets, thermal windows, and thick blackout curtains. All rooms have a private bathroom.

Organic Orchard and Vegetable garden

Take a stroll throungh our lush organic orchard which provides us with vegetables, fruits, herbs and medicinal plants. Our delicious, mainly organic cuisine are visually striking, healthy and full of flavor - ideal to incorporate into your day-to-day lifestyle.

Hammocks to contemplate

Relax and renew on our hammocks located on our green roofs, each with a view of San Pablo Lake or Imbabura Volcano

Exterior spaces and forest

Enjoy our pure clean air with your group by creating activities on our exterior patio, native forests, pergola or taking a walk up Cusin volcano

Evening Bonfire

Huddle around the after-dinner bonfire overlooking the majestic volcano Taita Imbabura

Additional Rooms

We offer the group a healing room equiped with a professional massage table, 6 person meeting room and a cozy living room with a fireplace

The purest water

Water for bathing comes fresh from rainwater and nearby waterfalls, heated by the sun with our solar panels

Trails surrounding us

Accompanied by our lovely rescued dogs, take a trek towards the Cusin volcano for a unique view of the lake and valleys. Cusin is one of the most ancient volcanoes in the Andes

Volcano Trampoline

Trampoline facing the volcano. Bouncing benefits include eliminating toxins from your body, weight loss, increased bone density, cell reduction, and improvement in balance and posture, among other

Meet the My SachaJi family

Passionate about service

The holistic experience at My SachaJi would not be complete without our dedicated team of staff, who, as experts in different fields of wellness, each contribute an important element.
The great majority of staff members come from local communities in the area. Their innate warmth and kind-ness is a common trail of the Andean people, as is their strong connection to the land and their culture.

Chef Maria Cecilia brings fine dining to the Andes from her native Argentina, creating a delicious, balanced and sustainable culinary experience.

Owner and founder of My SachaJi, Maria Teresa Ponce, is an architect, photographer and yoga instructor, bringing together all her passions in the ecolodge.
At this gay-owned hotel, up to 20 percent of the women employees are gay, an unusual total in Latin America.

And it would be impossible to talk of the My SachaJi team without mentioning our family of animals; rescued dogs Valentino, Aura, Lucas, Felix and Pedro, and Siri the cat, plus freindly llamas Panchito and Juanita who help us trim the grass!